Political Parties –Canadas
Conservative Party of Canada – The Federal ruling Party, headed by Prime Minister Hon. Stephan Harper was formed with the merger of the Canadian Alliance (former Reform Party of Canada) and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, in 2003.Positioned itself on the right of the Canadian Political Spectrum, it came into power as a minority government in the 2006 Federal Election, it emerged again as a minority Government in the 2008 Federal election, before emerging as victorious with majority, in the 2011 Federal Election.
Liberal Party of Canada – Positioned itself at the center of the Canadian Political Spectrum, The Liberal party of Canada is the oldest political party in Canada. Being the oldest political party and also of the party that was holding the longest duration of power (over 69 years), it takes pride in advocating many reforms and introducing many major policies for Canadians. It includes Universal Healthcare, Multiculturalism and Canada pension plan, to name a few. In its last governing term at the Federal level, it legalised Same Sex Marriage, a major revolutionary policy. However, over that last one decade or so, it has lost considerable amount of its support base due to various internal as well as external reasons. As they could not contain the continuous drain on their support base they lost power to the Conservative Party in Federal Election in 2006
New Democratic Party Positioned itself on the Left of the Canadian Political Spectrum; the New Democratic Party has formed in 1961, with the merger of Cooperative Commonwealth Generation with the Canadian labour Congress. Although it has never emerged as victorious to form the government at the Federal level, it has the second largest number of elected Federal MP’s and it is definitely a force to reckon with in many provinces too.